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Just back from a few days in Venice which, apart from being a stunningly beautiful city, is home to the first ghetto in Europe, which was established in 1516. The Jewish Museum of Venice runs tours of the area and ancient synagogues and there is a kosher restaurant too. If you are ever in Venice you must visit the ghetto and do the tours. Check out the full review here.....posted February 20th 2014

Two more recommendations from our last visit to Tel Aviv over the New Year. First up is Par Derriere on King George. You have to be very alert to find this place, as it is hidden behind a non-descript metal gate. Once inside though, the space opens up into a beautiful open courtyard (covered in the winter) with a great bar and intimate tables arranged around huge pot plants. There is also a separate indoor dining room which can be hired for private parties. They have a massive wine list, as well as some great twists on French fusion food. The other prize find this trip is Cassis, a new restaurant situated on Givat Aliyah beach at the southern end of Jaffa. The food is sublime, a perfect example of Israeli fusion cooking at its best and it is a great place to spend the day, as it sits right on a lovely beach area that has been modelled in a traditional Moorish style.....posted February 20th 2014

Another short recce to Tel Aviv this month and a couple of must go to discoveries. First off is Dylan's Art Cafe in Frishman Street. This has only been open a few months, but has already gained a loyal following. The garden is a tranquil haven from the bustle of the city, but if you prefer they also have a street facing deck for people watching. The food is excellent, with a wide variety of unusual dishes, including black quinoa from South America, a speciality of co-owner Roey. Another great garden is at Cafe Dahlia on Nahalat Binyamin. Behind a narrow entrance that is easily missed is an enchanting beer garden offering live music on Mondays and Wednesdays, a selection of boutique beers and the best potato wedges that we have ever eaten (there are plenty of other things on the menu as well). ....posted June 28th 2013

Just back from another adventure in Tel Aviv and found some great new restaurants to add to our list of favourites. First up is La Shuk at Dizengoff Circle. A truly wonderful and exciting culinary experience with the most incredible combinations of intense middle eastern flavours. Next on the list is The Bun at the top of Shuk HaCarmel. This place is at the vanguard of the Asian fusion movement that is sweeping the city and the two brothers that own it produce an exquisite range of dishes, including their trademark Vietnamese boiled buns with a variety of burger type fillings. Sit at the bar and chat with the chefs as they work. Finally for this trip is Shila on Ben Yehuda. Named after the chef owner's dog, this is a large restaurant that is absolutely packed every night and with good reason. The food is based on fresh local ingredients and is heavily influenced by the time that the owner spent in Barcelona. The plates are designed for sharing, so go with friends and have a great night out.....posted January 24th 2013

Things have been very hectic for us recently so we haven't had time to update the blog. Anyway, our recent visit to Israel uncovered some wonderful places for you to check out next time you are there. For a great meal, try Belle and Antoine wine bar on Ben Yehuda street in Tel Aviv. They have a great menu with some interesting israeli twists on some French classics and a terrific wine list as well. For daytime snacks and early evening cocktails, we were bowled over by Cafe Xoho on Mapu Street. Xoli, one of the owners, is a delight and they have a never ending variety of amazing home made food and cocktails. There is also live jazz on a monday night, don't miss it if you are around! Finally for now, Haroa Farm in the Negev, near to Ben Gurion's old kibbutz at Sde Boker, offers two isolated super luxury stone suites with private pools for a totally relaxing break from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Not cheap, but well worth it.....posted November 15th 2012

The trip to Israel was very informative and we have some interesting information to share in the destination reviews section. There have been nearly 300 introductions through the site since we started so please let us know how you get on on your trips ....posted February 29th 2012

We are off to Israel again later in the month and are going to check out some of the specialised activities on offer so watch this space in the New Year ....posted December 14th 2011

We thought we would check out some of the Jewish history in Europe for a change and we started in Florence Read all about it in the destination reviews section. We have well over 100 members now so please let us know how you get on on your trips ....posted October 20th 2011

Things have been hectic here this year so we have only just started to post details of the sites that we visited in December and January, check them out in the destination reviews section. We have almost 100 members now so please let us know how you get on on your trips ....posted June 30th 2011

We are off to Israel again next week on another fact finding trip and will be posting a series of reviews and recommendations over the next few weeks in the destination reviews section, so make sure you check back frequently ....posted December 21st 2010

We are back from our Israel fact finding trip and will be posting a series of reviews and recommendations over the next few weeks in the destination reviews section, so make sure you check back frequently ....posted October 25th 2010

Summer is over so now is the time to make contact with some new Jewish travelling companions for your next holiday. We are visiting Israel this month so watch the destination reviews section for some exciting travel tips in October ....posted September 4th 2010

Jewish Travel Buddies' membership is spreading. We now have members in the UK, USA, Canada and Argentina! ....posted July 28th 2010

Jewish Travel Buddies has made 43 introductions in a month, let us know how they work out guys. ....posted July 21st 2010

Jewish Travel Buddies have signed up Beaver Travel to provide a bespoke luxury travel service to our members. Beaver Travel have many years of experience in the top end travel business and will be pleased to help you take the stress out of making your holiday and vacation plans with your new Jewish travel companions. ....posted July 13th 2010

16 members now with four joining in the last three days alone. We are starting to get noticed! ....posted July 10th 2010

Wow, 10 members in the first week and some really encouraging feedback. Thanks everyone. ....posted June 25th 2010

After several months of development, following a complaint from a relative who wished there was a way of finding other Jewish people as travelling companions, is now live! ....posted June 17th 2010

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